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Online QQ users can now send an SMS to a mobile phone and receive an SMS message sent from a mobile phone.

To send an SMS using QQ, you need to open the QQ Mobile Panel by clicking on the Mobile icon. You can access the SMS Window using the "send an SMS" icon on the Mobile Panel, or the mobile icon next to a Buddy's name on the QQ Buddy list panel. You can send an SMS whether the recipient is online or offline.

You can also send a message to a QQ user from your mobile phone, and interact with QQ in other exciting ways, by using the Mobile QQ SMS commands. To do this, send an SMS to the number 083 142 1459, and be sure to include the relevant SMS command at the top of your message. Click here to see a list of Mobile QQ SMS commands, and learn how to SMS your QQ Buddies.

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Mobile QQ Panel

Add Mobile

On the Add Mobile dialog box, you need to enter the following information: your friend's name, his mobile number, the phone type, brand and model no and your friend's QQ number.

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Send SMS

You send an SMS by clicking on the Send SMS icon on the Mobile Panel

The SMS window also contains an address book listing all the users that are in your mobile panel list.

Each time the user sends an SMS, a credit is deducted from the user's total credits. If the user has no credits, the SMS will not reach its destination and the user will get a message window saying that there are no credits available with a link to the Buy page.

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Buy SMS Credits

Before you can send an SMS using QQ, you need to buy SMS credits. You can buy SMS credits by selecting the Buy SMS Credits icon from within the mobile panel. You will then be directed to a page that allows you to enter you payment details.

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Sign up for MQQ

Before you can send an SMS using QQ, you need to sign up with Mobile QQ. When sign up with MQQ, you link your mobile number with your QQ number. This allows you to receive QQ messages and send messages from QQ to your buddies phones.

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MQQ Help

Click the MQQ Help icon for more detailed information about Mobile QQ.

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Account Details

You can check your account status by clicking on the Account Status button found on the mobile panel. Once you've entered your QQ information, you will be able to see how many credits you have left and a history of all the SMS massages you sent.

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